June 2024


Forklift Safety Day

At Hyundai, safety is always our #1 priority. That’s why we’re a strong supporter of National Forklift Safety Day and believe every day should be a forklift safety day. To demonstrate that commitment, we created a very special offer:

Now through July 5th, we’re offering a FREE Pedestrian Detection System with the purchase of select, new electric Hyundai forklifts. A $1,500 value, this essential system includes:

• Front & Rear View Cameras
• Alert Voice Siren
• 2 Channel Monitor

As the system cannot be retrofitted, this offer is only good on new factory orders of the following electric models:

• 20B-9
• 40/50B-9
• 15/18/23BRP-9
• 25/30/32/35B-9U
• 25/30/32BC-9U

Safety Is A Hyundai Advantage.

Hyundai offers forklift owners a comprehensive list of safety features. While models and features vary, that list includes:

• Seat Belt Interlock
• Operator Presence Safety Systems
• Auto Park Brakes
• Load Weight Indicators
• Curve Control
• Rear Grab Handles
• Front LED Headlights
• Panoramic Mirrors
• Turtle Mode
• Multifunction LCD Clusters
• Grammer Full Suspension Seats
• High-Vis Seat Belts
• Back-up Alarms
• Grade and Slope Indicators

Remember, this offer will end July 5th. Check here for more details. We’ve also created a flyer you can share with prospects, download and distribute the flyer today.