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Our New Parts Center Goes Live

Nov 2022

As Hyundai Material Handling continues to work to improve the quality of service we provide to our dealers and to their customers, we wanted to provide an update on our new Parts Center.

Our goal is to create a resource and rack system that will provide ample storage for our current stock of forklift parts and provide room for continual growth over the next five years.  In addition to this expanded space, we’ve included 50 feet of automated conveyor systems that move parts directly to a packaging area and then our shipping area.

We’re committed to getting forklift owners the parts they need when they need them.

Wes Palazzo has led the charge in keeping this project moving forward. His experience, leadership and commitment has helped make our Parts Center a reality.

“I know the importance of this department to Hyundai Material Handling, our dealers, and their customers, and I want to make sure this is done right,” said Palazzo.

Currently, our team is loading the racks and transferring parts from our current warehouse. Even as this work has been going on, we continue to pull and ship orders.

“There have been lots of challenges over the past months, but I know we have the right team to overcome any challenges and push for the finish line,” said Jason Morgan, Director of Aftermarket.

In addition to our forklift-only warehouse, Hyundai is hiring more people for our inside part support team to improve response times for our dealers. Currently, Hyundai has an Inventory/Purchasing Specialist and 2 CSRs. The company is in the process of adding a manager and additional CSRs to the team.

“With full control and autonomy of the parts department, with a forklift-only focus, we will deliver a level of excellence our dealers and their customers deserve,” noted Morgan. “This means we will have the right inventory on our shelves and our shipping times will meet the expectation of the order type, all to make it easier for dealers to do business with us and to serve the needs of their customers.”

Here’s a look at how the parts center came together