Food & Beverage

Hyundai’s wide range of electric forklift options offer the perfect combination of capabilities and technology necessary to meet the demands of the fast-moving, consumer-driven food and beverage industry.

Maximize Productivity

Lift, stack, pick, repeat is only part of the equation. To meet consumer expectations today means providing more SKUS, fresher product and faster deliveries. By delivering more power, faster speeds, and greater operator control, Hyundai’s lifts can help you improve inventory management, increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

Working Solutions

If you’re looking for lifts that can safely maneuver narrow aisles, handle heavy loads at high heights, and perform well regardless of warehouse temperatures, Hyundai has you covered. Our certified dealers can address specific needs and recommend the best choices for you.

Value Delivered

With Hyundai, you get the complete package. Forklifts featuring modern design, high performance, and safety and ergonomic features that come standard, along with our exceptional service and support. Most importantly, you get our dedication to continually innovating to meet your needs and the evolving demands of your industry.

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“The electric truck delivers clear advantages to your operation and to the operators who make it run.”

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