Maximize Productivity.

Get more up time with Hi-Mate, our proprietary remote management system that enables you to track, monitor, maintain and manage your fleet anytime, anywhere.

More Communication. More Control.

Hi-Mate utilizes GPS-satellite technology in order to provide you with real-time data 24/7. Evaluate machine performance, access diagnostic information, and verify machine locations at the touch of a button.

Lift Smarter, Not Harder.

By monitoring key components such as the engine, hydraulics, and electrical system, Hi-Mate supports your preventive maintenance efforts, helping to ensure your equipment is always running at optimal capabilities and reducing equipment downtime.

Tangible ROI Delivered

Daily Reporting – Track, monitor and manage your entire fleet online or on mobile. Our reports deliver current and historical operating data including hourmeter, engine hours, fuel availability, key-on/key-off times, maintenance status, and lift location on a digital map to provide a big picture insights and give you more control over productivity.

Maintenance Monitoring – For multiple machine owners, our system monitors the status of all your equipment using color coding on a digital map. The system identifies working equipment with a blue icon. The icon turns red and sends an alert when an issue is identified.

Location Geo-Fencing – Our Geo-fencing program enables you to protect your investment by allowing you to specify geographic boundaries. If a piece of equipment is moved outside a Geo-fence boundary, an alarm is triggered to immediately notify you there is an issue and/or potential theft .

Why Choose Hi-Mate

Our added-value technology serves a link to your equipment, enabling us to deliver the highest level of service and product support possible.


Detailed information regarding the machines daily operating history.


Real-time access to data and reports helps ensure worker safety and increase productivity.


Daily reports on fuel usage and efficiency enable you to improve re-fueling management, manage costs and reduce downtime.


GPS-enabled Geo-fencing capabilities ensure you have complete control over your fleet at all times.

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