why hyundai forklift

The power of the Hyundai name can be traced back to a single philosophy that allowed founder Chung Ju-yung, the eldest son of a poor farmer, to build South Korea’s largest conglomerate. Known as “The Hyundai Spirit,” it embodies three tenets, Creative Wisdom, Positive Thinking and Unwavering Drive.

The Legacy Continues

From one of the most recognized names in manufacturing come the best forklifts in the world. At Hyundai Materials Handling, we recognize every forklift we sell has to live up to the Hyundai name. So, we focus on building the most durable, reliable, safe, and comfortable forklifts available, backed by Hyundai’s industry-leading warranties.

A Legacy Of Quality

The Hyundai name has been synonymous with quality and innovation since Chung Ju-yung launched his first company in 1947. Under Chung’s leadership the company diversified and grew. By 1985, Hyundai was introducing the first Korean-made automobile to American consumers. Hyundai is now established as an industry leader, and their car brands, including Kia and Genesis, are continually recognized for their quality. Today, the legacy continues with Hyundai Materials Handling, Inc., bringing Hyundai-backed equipment to businesses and other users across the U.S. and Canada.


Ingrained in our corporate values is our responsibility to give back to the community. And, our contributions extend beyond providing funds for charitable causes, we reinforce our commitment through action. Whether we’re supporting the environment, education, diversity, or the health and well-being of our customers and neighbors, our employees believe in making a difference wherever we do business.

“One who thinks
he could do, can do.

Chung Ju-Yung
Founder, Hyundai Groups of South Korea