November Newsletter

November 2022

The New LC-9 Series Is Ready for Production and

The BR-9 Will Soon Be Replaced by The New BR-X.

Hyundai Forklift LC-9 Series

As part of our commitment to delivering more than our competitors – and more to your customers – the new LC-9 Series and BR-X electric reach trucks are coming soon. Here is an update:

LC-9 Series

Pricing and a promotional flyer with specs on the new 9 Series LP cushion tire models – 25/30/32 LC-9 – are now available on the Dealer Portal. Remember, the new 9 Series features:

• Totally Hyundai Powertrain (engine, transmission, and drive axle)
• Upgraded Dash Display
• Roomier Operating Compartment
• Higher Residual Capacities
• And so much more

BR-X Series

This substantial upgrade from the BR-9 is coming soon. The BR-X mast reach truck is a real game-changer. It offers:

• Upgraded Styling
• Greater Energy Efficiency
• A Higher Level of Comfort
• New Color Dash Display
• Enhanced Safety Features
• And, of course, so much more

New brochures are being produced for both models and will be available soon. Keep watching for details on both the new LC-9 Series and BR-X as Hyundai works to bring you and your customers the equipment you need to succeed.

BR-X Forklift

BR-X Forklift detail