February 2023

Strategies for Winning
Out-Of-Warranty Service Customers.

Keeping a customer coming back for aftermarket service is essential for building long-term loyalty.  A key transition point is when equipment comes out of its warranty period.  Making certain the customer keeps coming back to you requires planning and developing a winning strategy.  Here are some strategies to work into your aftermarket retention program:

  • Own the “ownership lifecycle” — as with living things, equipment goes through lifetime stages – new, middle age, and the golden years. Aftermarket needs change as equipment ages. The key is to market services relevant to the age of the equipment your customer operates.
  • Retention is always easier and less costly, than acquiring new customers. One way to do that is to promote even the most basic of services – fluids, filters, etc. Your goal should be to connect with customers as often as possible.
  • Be a hero. It’s not unusual for customers to experience a breakdown at a crucial time for their business. Always try to be ready to deliver the parts and service to get customers up and running ASAP.
  • Try creating loyalty programs. Airlines long ago learned the value of rewarding frequent fliers. The program you create can either be informal or provide rewards based on defined levels.
  • Build up your digital assets. Your website can be a 24-hour salesperson. Be sure customers can find the information and obtain resources they need at your site.
  • Stay top-of-mind. Keep marketing and promoting your dealership and promote any specials, new services, new employees, new equipment, anything that builds awareness for your business.

Hyundai Planned Maintenance Kits and Report Forms Are Effective Tools for Building Aftermarket Sales.

Hyundai Planned Maintenance Kits include all the needed filters and seals in one convenient package. There are kits for 250-, 500-, 1000-, and 2000-hour intervals, and we’re adding new kits all the time. Be sure to contact your CSR or District Service Manager for additional information.

Hyundai also offers five different Planned Maintenance Report Forms that can be customized with your company logo or feature the Hyundai Material Handling logo.

To order the forms just go to

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