June 2023

10 Best Practice Tips for Aftermarket Sales

February 23 1st

As we’ve explored in our previous eNewsletters, and as you well know, aftermarket sales can be a significant sales and profit center for your business.  Here are just 10 best practice tips to keep in mind as you manage your aftermarket sales and marketing program:

#1 Know your customer – understand their needs, their pain points (out of stock products, late deliveries, missed schedules, etc.), and their business

#2 Know your products – that’s the key to delivering the right answer and the right solutions when your customers call

#3 When pursuing new business don’t give generic presentations – understand that each prospect’s business and challenges are unique

#4 Education is key – educating your customers on the products and services you offer, and educating your staff on those very same things

#5 Follow up on every opportunity – every salesperson knows that a “no” today could be a “yes” tomorrow, it all depends on timing, so keep reaching out to prime prospects

#6 Price is not everything – having the right part and right service right when a customer needs it usually determines who wins a customer’s business

#7 Analytics are key – we live in an information age so the more useable data you can collect and act on can help drive sales

#8 Keep reviewing your aftermarket strategy – learn from experience what works and what doesn’t and be flexible and adaptable to changing times

#9 Be customer-centric – in other words, don’t think in terms of just selling products, think in terms of building relationships

#10 Brands draw sales – the Hyundai brand represents value, quality, and innovation in the marketplace, so market it and treat your dealership name as a brand, too


Hyundai Planned Maintenance Kits and Report Forms Are Also Effective Tools for Driving Aftermarket Sales.

Hyundai Planned Maintenance Kits include all the needed filters and seals in one convenient package.  There are kits for 250-, 500-, 1000-, and 2000-hour intervals, and we’re adding new kits all the time.
Be sure to contact your CSR or District Service Manager for additional information.

Hyundai also offers five different Planned Maintenance Report Forms that can be customized with your company logo or feature the Hyundai Material Handling logo.

To order the forms just go to

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