March 2023

The Labor Shortage Could Provide An
Aftermarket Opportunity For You.

Empty Offices

As the US labor market remains tight, many companies are struggling to find the trained employees they need to handle the work at hand. Many companies are looking to offload certain work to consultants and third-party providers.

According to Jay Denton, chief analytics officer at LaborIQ, “There are simply not enough people in the available talent pool. The labor force is at least 2 million people below where we had expected it to be by now without the pandemic happening.”

The opportunity for your dealership can be found in your ability to provide aftermarket parts and services to existing customers, and to make your aftermarket resources a key part of your equipment sales message.

Of course, making certain your staff is well trained is essential. Be sure to check out our technician training schedule to keep your technicians up to date.

Hyundai Planned Maintenance Kits and Report Forms Can Help Drive Aftermarket Sales.

Hyundai Planned Maintenance Kits include all the needed filters and seals in one convenient package. There are kits for 250-, 500-, 1000-, and 2000-hour intervals, and we’re adding new kits all the time. Be sure to contact your CSR or District Service Manager for additional information.

Hyundai also offers five different Planned Maintenance Report Forms that can be customized with your company logo or feature the Hyundai Material Handling logo.

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