Fall Newsletter

September 2022

Customized Planned Maintenance Can Play A Big Role In Your Service Operations.

Hyundai Planned Maintenance Reports are based on our operators’ manuals to guide technicians to every service point during planned maintenance. So, nothing is missed – and that can help extend equipment life and improve customer satisfaction.

The forms are a big plus for dealers and customers. Once filled out by a technician, copies can be distributed:

•When left with the unit, the next technician knows exactly what work has been completed and when
•When shared with the customer, they have a detailed copy that was signed, acknowledging any safety issue – taking liability from you, the servicing dealer
•In your office, your staff now has the information they need to send out formal quotes for any and all repairs recommended by technicians

Hyundai offers five different forms for each of the five forklift classification. Plus, the forms can be customized with your company logo or the Hyundai Material Handling logo.

So, remember the value of a paper trail and order your customized Planned Maintenance Reports today.

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