September Newsletter

September 2023

As Its Name Implies, Herc-U-Lift Is A
Powerful Figure In Material Handling


The Upper Midwest is known for its hardworking people, a commitment to tried and true values, and a warmth in its people that stands in contrast to its sometimes cold climate.

Into the business community of this American heartland is Herc-U-Lift, a proud Hyundai Material Handling dealer.  Herc-U-Lift has been providing the best in equipment, service, and support for over half a century.  If you ask them the key to their success, they’ll tell you…

Quality customer service has been the primary factor in Herc-U-Lift’s stability and growth since 1968.  By selecting, training, and retaining only top quality people, Herc-U-Lift is able to provide the kind of service customers have come to expect.  Their experience and the pride they take performing their jobs applies to every repair they make, parts they deliver, and pieces of equipment they lease or sell.

Their goal is to find solutions to customers’ every problem and provide the lowest cost of ownership possible.

Thanks to that commitment, Herc-U-Lift now has 11 full service locations throughout the Upper Midwest, in Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

Hyundai Material Handling shares Herc-U-Lift’s commitment to service and support and we’re proud they’re part of the Hyundai family.