January Newsletter

January 2023

To Build Our Brand, We Need to Build Our Photo Library. You Can Help.

You can also win great prizes!

We need more photos of Hyundai forklifts in action. While we have our own source of photos, and are planning a photo shoot in 2023, we need your help. Your dealership and customers can be a great source of photos for our marketing efforts – and your sales campaigns.

To help you in your efforts, we are resuming our Photo Contest. We’re looking for the best shots you can provide. We’ll announce the winners and showcase the winning photos in February. Of course, there will be great prizes for the top three entries.

Above all, we’re looking for actions shots – especially featuring electric models working in warehouses and other indoor environments. Of course, any application shot would be welcome. Remember, winning entries will be displayed in our newsletter, website, social media, even a flyer or ad.

Submit your photos to:


Our November Photo Contest Winners

November 1st Sandra Perkins-Gauthier Chariots Elevateurs Inc

1st Sandra Perkins – Gauthier Chariots Elevateurs Inc

November 2nd Erica Leffew-Thompson Lift Truck

2nd Erica Leffew – Thompson Lift Truck

November 3rd Glenn Hirst- The G.W. Van Keppel Co.

3rd Glenn Hirst – The G.W. Van Keppel Co

Here Are Tips for Creating Winning Photos:

  • Scout the location before you shoot – pay attention to the backgrounds and light in the area
  • Take shots from multiple angles – look for ways to add drama to your shot
  • If possible, clean the equipment up to realistic levels – they don’t have to look factory-new
  • Make sure your camera’s lens is clean, focus carefully, and use a tripod if possible to minimize camera-shake
  • Always practice safety