Fall Newsletter

September 2022

Here Are The Latest Winners In The Hyundai Forklift Photo Contest.

We keep getting great submissions to our Forklift Photo Contest – and we’ve given away over $400 in prizes. You can enter and win, too. It’s easy.

Just submit a qualified photo showing a Hyundai forklift at work. We’re looking for photos that showcase our forklifts operating in different industries, tackling the toughest jobs. Qualified entries will be displayed in our newsletter, on our website, social media, or in a flyer or ad. Winners will be announced during the first full week of the following month.

So, enter and you could win. You’ll definitely be helping us build our photo library and improve our marketing efforts. Submit your photos to: Bernadette.mclintock@hyundaiamericas.com

•Clean your camera lens
•Hold your camera steady or mount it on a tripod
•Focus carefully
•Be sure you have good light
•Look for interesting backgrounds
•Take multiple shots – from different angles and locations
•Practice safety – and showcase safety – at all times
•Submit original images only

Be creative and keep entering to win great prizes.



1st place: Mr. Lift Truck-Justin Woods It’s a 110D-9 doing some heavy lifting with a precast spreader bar.

2nd Place: Lift SolutionsSam Calhoun

3rd place: CFE- Neat Griffith Customer: The Hitchman