Fall Newsletter

September 2022

Lewis Byers Letter

Dear Valued Dealer,

I am proud to tell you that our new, stand-alone Forklift Parts Warehouse will be fully operational on October 3rd. To make this happen, we have all hands on deck, we’re working seven days a week, and we’re committed to not resting until the job is finished. It’s important to note that while all of this activity has been taking place, August’s parts performance produced the largest number of parts picked, packed, shipped, and invoiced in the last 12 months.

As with any major change, there has been frustration over some delays in shipping and our communications. But be aware, we are working to overcome these challenges and the main goal of our new Forklift Parts Warehouse is to permanently eliminate these issues.

Even as we complete this stage of our work, please be assured that during this time you can still place orders – and we encourage you to do so.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to bring you the best possible service in aftermarket parts.

Finally, I know that many of you are enthusiastically awaiting the pricing and key sales information for the NEW 25-32LC-9 Series – which should be going into mass production in November. At this time, we are still taking customer orders on the 7 Series and should have more information, including a brochure and pricing, for you to begin ordering the new LC-9 models shortly.

Always remember that your business, your partnership, and your trust are of the utmost importance to us. You are our invaluable, essential link to customers and the marketplace. I promise that the improvements I’ve detailed will have a positive and powerful impact on our ability to support you…and your customers.

Thank you for your continued support,

Lewis Byers