February 2024

Jeremy Thibodeaux Joins Hyundai As

A Regional Aftermarket Manager.

Hyundai Material Handling is proud to announce the hiring of Jeremy Thibodeaux as a Regional Aftermarket Manager. Jeremy’s area or responsibility will include the company’s Western Region.

Jeremy Thibodeaux

Jeremy brings over a decade of dedicated experience in the automotive aftermarket. He spent more than four years immersed in the material handling industry at the dealer level and specializes in optimizing operations to ensure seamless aftermarket services.

As Hyundai is continually seeking professionals who can bring new perspectives and skill sets to our operation, it is important to note that Jeremy brings a diverse background to our team. He spent five years as a Technical and Sales Director in the jewelry industry developing sales strategies to drive business growth.

“I am proud to be joining the Hyundai team and I look forward to using the diverse skills I’ve acquired to bring a unique perspective to my new position,” said Jeremy. “My goal is to employ all that I’ve learned to approach our company’s and dealer’s challenges with creativity and precision.”

Throughout his career, Jeremy has consistently demonstrated a commitment to delivering exceptional results and fostering strong, enduring client relationships.

“As a Regional Aftermarket Manager, I look forward to the opportunity to leverage my extensive experience to contribute to the success and efficiency of our operations,” noted Jeremy.

With his passion for excellence and proven track record, Jeremy promises to be a valuable asset in steering Hyundai and our dealer network toward continued success.