January Newsletter

January 2023

It’s Not a Brag or Boast.
It’s What We Offer Customers.

It’s also what sets us apart from our competitors. No One Delivers More. You, your customers, and prospects will soon be seeing that message on all our marketing communications and contacts with customers. Above all, it is an expression of the commitment we’re making to you and your customers.


No One Delivers More…it can be seen in the quality, performance, features, and overall value of our equipment.

No One Delivers More…it’s part of a new, more aggressive, and disruptive approach to marketing and promoting our brand – as we reach more prospects, target our message more efficiently, and communicate more effectively.

No One Delivers More…it’s a declaration to forklift owners everywhere, and it’s how we’re going to compete, win, and grow our business and yours.

To learn more, watch this video.

Then, watch carefully in all our communications and collateral. No One Delivers More is the message we’re sending to the marketplace. And it’s a promise we’re making to you and your customers.