March 2023

Our Monthly Sales Tip:
Some Insights On Selling Remote.

Zoom Meeting

Many people believed that remote meetings would come to an end as COVID waned. But as millions of Americans continue to work from home or adopt a hybrid schedule (with limited days in the workplace), remote meetings have become part of normal work practices. Some experts believe that even going into the year 2025, over 20% of our workforce will continue to work from home. One estimate suggests that by 2025, some 80% of B2B sales interactions will take place via digital channels.

When it comes to sales calls, using Zoom or another video conferencing platform is often how a first meeting is conducted. With that in mind, here are some things to consider when you make a sales call via the Internet.

Understand the Challenges of Remote Selling

Nothing can take the place of a face-to-face, in-person visit. Using a video conferencing platform puts the technology between you and your prospects, this can require you to overcome certain challenges, including:

  • Lack of Engagement – it can be more difficult to fully engage a prospect and build rapport as many people are often multi-tasking during remote calls or distracted by life at home.
  • Lack of Visual Cues – it’s hard to assess body language when you have only a limited view of the person you’re talking to, and this problem is even greater if they choose to shut off their camera.
  • Difficulty in Assessing Customer Needs – after all, you’re not in the prospect’s true work environment, so finding opportunities to solve problems relies solely on what the prospect communicates, not what you might see on a visit.
  • The Technology Itself – we’ve all experienced dropped calls, attendees who forget they’re muting their microphones, and trying to work off a small screen. The technology becomes not only a conduit but a barrier all at the same time.

Here Are Some Tips For Better Remote Selling

  • Develop a multi-media pitch – Remember, attention spans are short, so keep your pitch to under 10 minutes. And take control of the screen, employing video, graphics, PowerPoint presentations – make your remote sales effort more than just a talking head.
  • Listen More – most sales personnel know that getting a prospect talking is key to uncovering opportunities. That’s even more true in remote sales calls when you don’t have access to their workplace
  • Storytelling Is Key – since building rapport is more difficult in a remote meeting, you need to go beyond just discussing specs and features. Case studies, problems solved, success stories, those are key.
  • Always use your camera – even if the prospect has shut off their camera, make certain they cannot only hear you, but see you. Be sure to make eye contact and, remember, it’s all about relationship building.
  • Be Respectful of Your Prospects’ Time – start your meetings on time and be conscious of a promised meeting duration.

Having The Right People Trained The Right Way
Is Also Key To Success.

Technical Training

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