November Newsletter

November 2023



Rugged, Manual Pallet Jacks Just $300

When you order a minimum of six Hyundai 55MPW manual pallet jacks, you pay just $300 each.  Order a minimum of 18 and you’ll also receive FREE SHIPPING.  A high traffic item, these value-driven jacks are a great way to start a business relationship and earn easy sales.  Remember, they don’t just move pallets, they open doors!

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XTEER Lubricants

Free Freight on Hyundai XTeer Lubricants

We’ve stocked up on XTeer brand lubricants and so should you.  You can choose cases of gallons or quarts, with engine lubricants in different viscosities and hydraulic oil.  And when you spend just $500, you’ll receive FREE FREIGHT.  XTeer lubricants are specially formulated for maximum engine protection, performance, and long life.

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Maintenance Kit

Drive Parts Sales With Our Filter/Maintenance Kits

Hyundai Maintenance/Filter Kits include all the needed filters and seals for Hyundai forklifts in one convenient, value-driven package. There are kits for 250-, 500-, 1,000, and 2,000 hour intervals. We’ve expanded our Kit inventory to cover even more Hyundai models. These kits are great way to help customers protect their forklift investment, as you build customer satisfaction and sales.

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