August 2023

Our Training Classes Can Benefit Your Staff –
But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

February 23 1st

You’ve heard a lot about our sales and technical training classes from us.  We thought you would appreciate what actual attendees had to say about their class experience.  When it comes to our sales training, attendees were impressed…

“The training offered at Hyundai far exceeded any expectations and is the best I’ve received in this industry to date.  As an entire sales department, we are more effective after going through your training.”

Veronica Haglund
Sales Accountant – Sales Department

“The Hyundai sales training class was extremely helpful and offered several tools to improve anyone’s sales strategies.  I would highly recommend any salesman attend this class.”

Cody O. Guinn
Used Sales Manager

As for our technical training, attendees shared equally positive responses:

“Great class and great examples.  Learned a lot and am excited to come back and learn more.”

“Great course.  Absolutely leaving this course with valuable new knowledge that will help me in the field when working on Hyundai lift trucks.”

Your staff will have the same experience and say the same things – learning new ways to drive your sales and improve your customer service.  There are still open spaces in upcoming classes.  So, reserve your spots today.

Our 2023 Sales Training Schedule

August 14-18

September 18-22

October 9-13

November 13-17

December 11-15

For registration information, please email:

Our 2023 Technical Training Schedule

August 8-10 – Class V: Diesel 5-25 ton

September 12-14 – Class IV and V: LP

October 3-5 – Class I and II: Electric

November 7-9 – Class IV and V: LP

December 5-7 – Class I and II: Electric

For registration information, please email: