February 2023

The Keys To Increasing Sales Are Qualified Leads.
And A Qualified Staff.

Qualified Leads

Making a sale can be an expensive proposition – requiring significant investment in time and money. The key to driving sales is to qualify the leads you pursue.

So, how do you qualify a lead?

Certainly, doing your homework is key. It might start with an Internet search, networking, cold calling, using marketing automation. But, here are five criteria you should consider when qualifying a lead:


NEED – does the company have a current problem they’re trying to solve? Do they have an immediate need? A long-term need? And does their need match your ability to provide a solution?

FIT – do you offer the products and/or services the prospect needs? This not only includes what equipment you offer, but pricing, location, and your ability to service the account.

BUDGET – can the prospect afford the solutions you provide? If they can’t afford what you offer, you can’t afford to waste time pursuing them.

INFLUENCER vs. DECISION-MAKER – does your contact have the power to make a purchasing decision? Often, there are layers of decision-makers when it comes to capital equipment. Even if the person you’re talking to isn’t empowered to make the final decision, they may be a conduit to that person.

TIMING – when does the prospect envision making a purchase? That timeframe will tell you how much you will need to invest – in time and resources – to land a sale. And whether that investment makes sense.

Winning Business And Keeping It Requires Having The Right People Trained The Right Way.

Technician with customer

Remember, Hyundai offers comprehensive training for both your sales and technical staff. Together, they can drive sales, build customer satisfaction, increase your aftermarket revenue, and keep customers coming back.

Here is a schedule of upcoming sessions. Space is limited. So, reserve your spots today.

Our 2023 Sales Training Schedule

March 13-17

April 3-7

May 15-19

June 12-16

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Our 2023 Technical Training Schedule

March 7-9 – Class V: 5-25 Ton Diesel

April 4-6 – Class I & II: Electric

May 9-11 – Class IV & V: LP

June 6-8 – Class I & II: Electric

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