Fall Newsletter

September 2022

The New LC-9 Series. Delivering More to You and Your Customers.

Our new LC-9 Series offers your customers more for their money.  It features exciting improvements and exclusive new features to drive up productivity, simplify servicing, enhance ergonomics, and reduce downtime .  It’s designed to help customers do more…and help you sell more.

Among its many exclusive features are:

• New All Hyundai Powertrain
• New LCD Cluster Integrating MCU + OPSS
• New Load Weight Indicator
• New Seat Belt Interlock Option
• New Hi-Mate Connectivity

But all of that is only the start. The LC-9 delivers a host of performance advantages including:

• Direction Change Shock Relief Setting
• Optional Travel Speed Control
• Wet Disc Brakes
• Greater Stability & Tighter Turning Radius
• Easier Operator Access
• Electric Parking Brake
• New Continental Tires

Under the hood.  On the dash.  From front to back.  The new LC-9 Series delivers more for you and your customers.