May 2024


Hyundai forklifts are built in two of the world’s most advanced manufacturing facilities. You’ll find them on either side of the Korean peninsula. Our Gunsan factory is on the coast of the Yellow Sea. While our Ulsan factory overlooks the Sea of Japan.

Our Gunsan factory covers an impressive 376,700 square feet and turns out reach trucks, electric forklifts, and our biggest, heavy-duty machines. The factory has an annual production capacity of approximately 4,000 units, including:

• 2,500 reach trucks and electric models
• 1,500 large forklifts

Our Ulsan facility is our newest and produces compact and medium-sized LPG, diesel, and electric forklifts. Since January 2023, it has increased its daily production capacity by an impressive 130% — and now can produce some 20,000 units every year, including:

• 10,00 compact forklifts
• 5,000 medium-sized forklifts
• 5,000 electric forklifts

But beyond their impressive production capacity, it is the quality of the equipment our factories produce that sets these facilities apart. Hyundai Material Handling employs the latest manufacturing techniques and technology, overseen by an experienced team of professionals. Supporting the factory is a carefully built, dependable supply chain assuring a reliable production schedule.

All of Hyundai’s manufacturing facilities are up and running and ready to fill your orders. Let us know if you’d like to know more.