January Newsletter

January 2023

Here Are Some Insights into Building Aftermarket Sales.

Technician with customer

According to a Harvard Business Review report, American businesses and consumers spend approximately $1 trillion every year on assets they already own. This statistic helps to explain the incredible value and profit potential of aftermarket sales and services. The report goes on to say that many businesses actually squander the potential of aftermarket sales.

So, how can you improve your aftermarket sales? Here are tips that are easy to integrate into your sales efforts.

  • Make it easy for customers to get the parts and service they need – this requires the right training of your staff, having a well-stocked parts inventory, and making certain that when a customer calls you respond quickly and deliver the right part the first time
  • Make sure your entire organization is aligned in delivering customer satisfaction – to assure alignment, make certain your sales, service, and technical support teams meet regularly and keep the lines of communication open
  • Use the latest technology tools to manage accounts, handle inquiries, and track performance levels
  • Be proactive – don’t always wait for a customer to call, but call them first and check on their equipment performance and any parts or service they may be considering

Always look for opportunities to extend your relationship with customer.

Hyundai Planned Maintenance Kits and Report Forms Are Effective Tools for Building Aftermarket Sales.

Helping customers create planned maintenance programs is a great way to help them extend equipment life and minimize downtime…as you build customer satisfaction and loyalty, and, of course, aftermarket sales.

Hyundai Planned Maintenance Kits include all the needed filters and seals in one convenient package. There are kits for 250-, 500-, 1000-, and 2000-hour intervals, and we’re adding new kits all the time. Be sure to contact your CSR or District Service Manager for additional information.

Hyundai also offers five different Planned Maintenance Report Forms that can be customized with your company logo or feature the Hyundai Material Handling logo.

To order the forms just download here.

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