January Newsletter

January 2023

Building Awareness of Your Dealership Is Key to Building Growth and Sales.

How do you build awareness for your dealership? In today’s world of fractured media and growing competition for customers’ attention, there is no one right answer. Web sites, social media, traditional advertising, billboards, emails, all play essential roles.

So, does the use of branded gear. The reason is easy to understand. Awareness is built by communicating on a frequent and regular basis. While some advertising formats have a short lifespan, branded gear lasts longer, serving as a constant reminder of your dealership, and providing a consistent brand exposure for the life of the item.

That, of course, is for customers and prospects. Inside your organization, branded gear makes everyone a representative, a salesperson, for your brand and creates a shared organizational culture.

The Hyundai eStore is now offering new items.

Check out the eStore today. You’ll find new items perfect for cold weather. Our counter mats and retractable banners now have new art – there are two counter mat styles and five retractable banners to choose from. And while the 30D-9 toy model has been discontinued, the 25B-9, 250D-9, and 250D-9 block models are still available.

Check out the great selection at the Hyundai e-store today.


Social Media Update

Being connected with our customers and dealers is a priority at Hyundai. Social media is one of the many vehicles we use to ensure transparency with all information and announcements. In December, we posted our 12 Days of Hyundai social media series to ring in the holiday in a fun, engaging, and informative way. Check out the series on our Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles.