June 2023

Lewis Byers Letter

To Our Valued Dealers,

As we reach the halfway point of 2023 it’s safe to stay it’s been a memorable year. Our dealer meeting was a great success, we made our presence felt at major tradeshows, we’ve added new dealers, our new forklift-dedicated parts center is up and running, and we continue to expand our product line.

As to new equipment, you’ve seen the new LC-9 Series. Now, the Class III products we introduced during our dealer meeting are coming online. Check them out. Of course, there is a host of new equipment on the way, many of which we have already told you about: the 25B-X, 100D-9V, 25/30D-9V and 35DN-9V. Keep watching as we introduce all of these products and create new promotional material to help you sell them.

As a company, we are always working to become better integrated into the communities we serve, and we are well aware of our company’s heritage. With that in mind, we were proud to take part in the year’s Jimmy Rane Charity Golf Tournament & Banquet. It was a fun event for a very good cause. And while we were helping our nation’s future leaders, we also took time to honor our nation’s past heroes.

As a Korean company with deep roots here in America, we were privileged to have the opportunity to honor veterans of the Korean War. During our first U.N. & Korean War Appreciation Event, we welcomed 15 veterans of that conflict and their families for a day of recognition and remembrance. This is the 70th anniversary of the signing of the armistice that ended the fighting. So, it’s an ideal time to remember those who fought for freedom.

Finally, June 13th was the 10th anniversary of National Forklift Safety Day. At Hyundai, we are committed to creating a culture of safety in the way we work and in the equipment we provide. In our social media, we regularly share posts promoting safe forklift practices, and for us every day is Forklift Safety Day. It’s a good policy to embrace and promote.

As we enter the heart of summer, I hope you enjoy the warm weather and keep watching for more exciting news from Hyundai Material Handling.


Lewis Byers
Executive Vice President/COO