August Newsletter

August 2023

The New 100D-9V
More Performance. Lower Emissions.


The new 100D-9V is redefining the meaning of high performance in heavy-duty forklifts.  It’s a combination of both durability and efficiency, brute strength and innovative technology.  It truly gives forklift owners the power to do more as they save more.

At 22,000 lbs. capacity, the 100D-9V fills a gap between our 80D-9 (17,000 lbs. capacity) and our 110D-9 (25,000 lbs. capacity) models. And it all starts with an eco-friendly, fuel-efficient Cummins F3.8 diesel that meets the world’s most exacting standards for low emissions.  But throughout the 100D-9V are features that make it an easy choice for forklift owners and easy sale for forklift dealers.  Here are just a few highlights:

• A fully redesigned, ergonomically-focused, next generation cab that truly elevates both operator comfort and productivity
• Simplified servicing with its cabin that tilts up to 52° for outstanding servicing access
• A rugged, reliable Kessler D41 drive axle paired with semi-permanent wet disc brakes
• Full integration with Hyundai’s exclusive Hi-Mate remote management system
• Advanced cluster that includes self-diagnosis of engine and consumables management

All of that is just an introduction, check out all the new 100D-9V offers you and your customers today.